Artisan Alfero Gelato

I first had Alfero Gelato during a law careers fair when the AGC hired their carretto to supply us with ice cream in the moot court. I unabashedly went for 2 helpings! Heh.

Alfero Gelato has a new outlet @ Lorong Kilat which is also just a few doors away from my workplace. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m working at Carpenter & Cook! Will dedicate a post on their pastries once I get some decent photos 😉

Between, gelato, ice cream, sorbets, sherbets my favourite is actually gelato for its less creamy, denser (almost sticky) consistency, and smooth texture. In singapore I guess most places and people use these terms inter-changeably but Alfero Gelato seems to take it quite seriously and I actually LOL-ed when i saw their chalkboard:

This is honestly in large part a misrepresentation of ice cream. In our era of artisan ice cream, ice cream parlours like Tom’s Palette will balk at ingredients like powdered milk, additives and basically anything artificial.

Double Scoop, $7

Anyway, Alfero Gelato did not disappoint with their smooth and thick gelato. Great mouth-feel and if you are the type who hates “chunky-ness” (the extreme being B&J’s chunky ice-creams) you’ll love Alfero Gelato. Even their Pistachio is smooth without any gritty pistachio chunks. I had nuts about you – a mixture of nougat, hazelnuts and almonds- and tiramisu. The former was a really lovely blend of nutty flavours with a couple of gritty bits here and there. Not too sweet and suitable for those who are very unadventurous with their food. The latter boasted alcoholic hints of their Marsala wine. Also good for those who like less sweet desserts because the Mascarpone nicely balances the sweetness in this one. Unfortunately I was hoping for a couple of coffee-soaked chunks of ladyfingers. This is my favourite part of a tiramisu so I was quite disappointed that they missed it out- even if they are trying to keep to the original, unadulterated smooth texture of their gelato.

Previously I tried Pistachio and Mango which were both packed with flavour.

I do agree that Alfero Gelato serves gelato like no other in SG- at least for what I’ve tried so far. I love the thick, smooth, and non-icy texture of their gelato. But of course, the choices range beyond gelato haha. I’ll just do a brief list of places I frequent here:

Tom’s Palette: Chocolate Stout (favourite), Melt & Sizzle, Black Swirl, Milk, Pistachio, Buttered Pecan… Maybe I should list the flavours I don’t like lol. They have been serving very affordable ice cream without compromising on quality or variety all these years. If you haven’t visited, please do.

Creamier: Pistachio!!

Haato: Black Sesame, Yuzu (very very tart)

Azabu Sabo: Green Tea Ice cream (favourite)

Udders: Botak Coconut Sherbet, Strawberry Fields, Rum Rum Raisin

Daily Scoop: Hei! Sesame, Strawberry Shortcake, Salted Mr Brown

Scoopz: Jackfruit

Hoshino Coffee: Green Tea parfait (softserve)

(N.B. favourites are those that I have had more than 5 times, i.e. I really like these flavours)


4 thoughts on “Artisan Alfero Gelato

  1. yay you finally visited alfero! 🙂 i like the daily scoop’s lychee martini and earl grey lots. haven’t tried their sesame though! and scoopz’s avocado is delish.

    • Not a fan of avocado, tried it once but decided it’s just not for me haha. I agree though definitely for avocado fans.

      And i never see Cha when I’m at daily scoop ugh! It sounds really promising (:

  2. I personally think Azabu sabo’s green tea lacked flavour! Tsujiri serves much better, way better green tea ice cream.

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