Paris: Gelato from Amorino

Being a typical Asian I love variety and Amorino offers just that. They sell Gelato and they let you choose as many flavours as you want so long as they can fit it into the cup or cone. Favorite flavours were Figue & Mascarpone, Pistachio, Melon and Speculoos.

They have many outlets in Paris- I tried them at Montmartre and the Tuileries Garden- and all over Europe.


4 thoughts on “Paris: Gelato from Amorino

  1. Beautiful pictures!
    Amorino does make nice flower cones but I find their ice cream a bit fat and heavy, especially when compared with Pozzetto, a truly Italian cafè serving homemade fresh fruit sherbets and gelato. And excellent coffee too.
    The French Bertillon has fairly good sherbets but their milk based ice cream is pretty bland.

    • I only tried Bertillon’s hazelnut and I thought the flavour was really intense! But I guess one try is hardly enough as a comparison haha. Haven’t tried pozzetto. It was on my list but I didn’t have time visit them. Too many desserts to eat in Paris!

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