Canton Paradise @ Star Vista

As the name suggests Canton Paradise is another offshoot of the Paradise Group. We went on a Sunday and the place was packed– no surprise since New Creation was having their Sunday service and it was Mother’s Day.

We like Canton Paradise. Well mum likes it a lot given the fact that she had been there a number of times with her colleagues and still bothered to bring me here on a weekend. Hard not to like actually, given the relatively cheaper prices compared to its sister restaurant which is also one of our favourite dim sum places, Taste Paradise. (N.B. Our favourite dim sum places (in terms of price, taste and convenience) are  Taste Paradise, Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Imperial Treasure Teo Chew Cuisine and Silk @ SICC) 

My favourite was obviously their liu sha bao. Their bun was perhaps not as soft as TP’s, but the filling was just as good. I think Imperial Treasure and Victor’s Kitchen are two other worthy competitors but the oil in their filling tends to separate, especially for the latter. Not so for TP or CP- the filling is always smooth, thick, savory and not too sweet.

Their XO carrot cake is also another must order. Though the XO sauce is definitely stronger at TP, there was an abundance of preserved radish bits, leeks and beansprouts in CP’s version (which I love). Both deep fry the huge cubes of carrot cake for a texture that is different from those of hawker centres.

XLBs are a miss, don’t bother ordering it. The crispy pork bun thing, a copy of Tim Ho Wan’s signature item was good enough for me . It’s pretty big, almost palm-sized. I would have liked more filling but the crusty-sweet topping which came really hot out of the oven was so more-ish that I wiped out two of them.

They have a number of carb options. The noodles and char siew were tummy-fillers, nothing too spectacular.