Desserts @ SPRMRKT

Had a good catch-up with Glenn (aka the Hungryepicurean) who is now busy with his full-time job hence the lack of updates. We had savoury food but I can’t seem to remember much about what we had haha. But I did remember that we liked the desserts enough to finish every single thing. They weren’t complicated, just simple desserts done well.

I thought their bread and butter pudding was delicious. Buttery chunks of croissant with pockets of eggy pudding-like custard holding it all together- comfort food! If it isn’t moist enough for you, feel free to drizzle some of that chilled vanilla bean custard.

The pear tart was pretty to look at and good too. More-ish and pretty light actually because it’s largely made up of the pears.

The coffee chiffon cake was ginormous but very light as well. The chiffon was  airy, soft and moist, the last being the hardest to achieve and they nailed it.

A common thread that runs through all the desserts we had is that they were not too sweet. I suppose this is something most adults would appreciate.


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