Chye Seng Huat Hardware

CSHH is close to lavender food centre and gosh that area was a hive of activity at noon. CSHH itself was packed to the brim with white-collared workers and young teenagers.

Espresso + Milk

Don’t take the window seat if you can help it. I’m ticklish so I jerked quite a number of times when people brushed against me haha. I liked my cup but I’m still loving my cappuccino @ Strangers’ Reunion/ Jimmy Monkey a little more. It was not bitter enough for me, with the milk overpowering the coffee. Maybe it’s because the latter two cafes use double shots for their cappuccino? I don’t know.

Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to finish the Rape of Nanking at a cafe o.o My fav paragraph:

There are several important lessons to be learned from Nanking, and one is that civilisation itself is tissue-thin. There are those who believe that the Japanese are uniquely sinister- a dangerous race of people who will never change. But after reading several file cabinets’ worth of documents on Japanese war crimes as well as accounts of ancient atrocities from the pantheon of world history, I would have to conclude that Japan’s behaviour during the WWII was less a product of dangerous people than of a dangerous govt, in a vulnerable culture, in dangerous times, able to sell dangerous rationalizations to those whose human instincts told them otherwise.