Dublin 2012: Pepperpot

Today was a bad bad day.

Was frustrated over my substandard essay and then I had to read a very annoying email. I hate it when people don’t listen or bother to read my arguments!!! 

Okay I need to keep calm and think happy thoughts……

Pepperpot. My favourite cafe in Dublin. A world of mismatched vintage tea cups, colorful tablecloths, and a tiny menu. The perfect place to rest your legs away from all the hustle and bustle of Grafton Street.

Oh that thick, frothy cappuccino (don’t you just love the pretty swirls in the heart??)  – I can do with one now to calm the nerves.

Everything’s made from scratch in their kitchen. Nothing really mass produced either since it’s such a small operation. The scone was delicious with the jam and cream. Perhaps not as good as the ones from the Queen of Tarts… but still delicious.

I like the outer “shell” of my scone to be hard and the insides to be soft, moist, and pillowy. Am I making sense? Haha. Well maybe a negative definition will help. The insides should not be crumbly and dry.. and the taste of baking soda should never be present (this last point applies to everything!) .

Well Pepperpot’s scone did hit the spot.

For whatever reason I’m missing Dublin a lot now. That feeling of living in a foreign city is so unforgettable. I wonder if I’ll have the chance to do it again?

What I saw from my seat. This is the interior of the small (but beautiful) Powerscourt Town House Centre. 


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