London 2013: Hummingbird Bakery @ Spitalfields

Stopped by Hummingbird Bakery @ Spitalfields after some vintage shopping at Brick Lane.

Brick Lane may be well known for its Indian Restaurants that serve some of the best curries in London but it’s such a eclectic place to explore as well. We went in the wee hours of the morning when hardly anyone was in sight.

Anyway back to the subject of cupcakes…..

Their Black forest was extremely delightful, even though I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to cream. Lightly sweetened cream, black cherry jam, moist chocolate cake base. It might not be a sterling example for Black Forest purists but formalism aside, the flavour balance was good.

The cream cheese frosting of Carrot was a touch too sweet though not overwhelming so to me at least.

Their best seller seems to be the red velvet *yawn* and not surprisingly most of HB’s detractors cite the RV as their example of disappointed expectations…

Honestly, what do you expect of a weak chocolate cake with lots of coloring and a simple cream cheese frosting?


8 thoughts on “London 2013: Hummingbird Bakery @ Spitalfields

  1. my friend likes their RV so much that her friends took a train to london to get some cupcakes for her birthday! i don’t understand the fuss about RV cupcakes either…

  2. Never understood the fuss about red velvet either too. They just taste like normal chocolate cake with cream cheese topping to me. That said, Sprinkles’ RV is one of the better ones I’ve tried.

    • Oh the bakery by Candace Nelson? She’s one of the judges for Cupcake Wars! I love that show 😀

      I remember jotting down the address of their place in NY but I never made it :\ Ah well.

      • well in CW they are restrained by the ingredients and guided by whatever client they are supposed to cater to so maybe that’s why their creations are so innovative (and probably not cost effective thus never reaching the mass market).

        What a pity tho! I would have thought a bakery that has won twice (once is more circumspect since they only have 3 competitors and sometimes I’ve seen episodes where all the contestants weren’t very good) would at least have an impressionable basic cake and buttercream?

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