Paris 2012: Poilâne

Twice I went to Cuisine de Bar (this place served tartines, i.e. open-faced sandwiches, using Poilâne loaves) and both times it was closed (sigh!). Thankfully Poilâne’s opening hours are much more forgiving towards a traveler’s schedule.

Well all you have to know is pain Poilâne is possibly the most famous bread in the world. There are actually restaurants here which proudly claim that they use Poilâne and I read that Culina @ Dempsey stocks it up too.

I wasn’t interested in the bread… haha. Not a fan of sourdoughs and if I really wanted to try, I would want to get that entire 2kg loaf (just for the kick ahaha) but mum’s look of disapproval made me abandon the thought.

So instead I bought an apple tartlet. It’s simple, no-frills, not too sweet and light. I don’t promise you the heavens, but I can assure you that the combination of a freshy baked tart, crisp air, and the beautiful architecture you find at rue du Cherche-Midi  (just a short walk away from Rue Bonaparte where you-know-who has a boutique there and the Luxembourg Gardens) makes for a good experience.

Oh yes, best to eat this ASAP, on the streets preferably on the way to your next patisserie. The flakey pastry will probably be reduced to smithereens by the time u reach ur next destination…

Apple slices, dark cane sugar, puff pastry