Ghirardelli- Sea Salt Soiree

I count myself lucky when dad makes the occasional trip to the US and tops up my ever-depleting chocolate stash. Ghirardelli is a brand I discovered since I was young and I remember seeing it a couple of times in Fairprice Finest. It can be found in any supermarket in the US but my latest favourite, the Sea Salt Soiree, can be a little hard to track unless u are in a big supermarket.

While single origins (that French chocolatiers are so crazy about) are interesting and ‘cool’ in a way, I still prefer tried-and-tested blends from different regions that taste a little more ‘generic’. My tastebuds are probably the same as an average 21 year old anyway 😉 This beautifully tempered square (you can get it as a bar too) has lovely bitter cacao notes at the end that you can easily recognise.

What makes it a stand-out are the layers of flavours you get from such an unassuming bar of chocolate. As Heston Blumenthal astutely pointed out (check out his episode on chocolate!), the occasional burst of saltiness does indeed ‘sweeten’ dark, bitter chocolate. And the roasted almonds are just pure genius- it is my favourite nut after all hence the craze over all almond based pastries like macarons.



5 thoughts on “Ghirardelli- Sea Salt Soiree

  1. I love this! I’m currently in the US for exchange; do you have any recommendations as to what I should buy? Snacks or chocolate or whatnot! Thanks (:

    • Hi jaime!

      American supermarkets are the BEST places to get affordable and delicious souvenirs 😉

      Usually I stock up on Ghirardelli (I haven’t found the latest range in Spore), pretzel m&ms (salty and crunchy. try some and see if u like them!), dark chocolate reeses (cuz they taste better than milk and I haven’t found them here either haha), See’s chocolate (they are very sweet but it’s a childhood favourite for me; i think u can get them at the airport) and if u have space, graham bears (i bought angry bird grahams the last time!).

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