ET Artisan Sweets @ The Grandstand (Turf City)

I was pretty bummed when my favourite purveyor of macarons, Jewels Artisan Chocolate, shut their doors. Well with them off the list, I guess ET Artisan Sweets now tops my list for the best (of course, this is just my opinion. All the usual caveats to this very contentious word apply) macarons in town.

Since their old premises got en bloc-ed, ET has shifted to Turf city/The Grandstand. I’m glad it’s away from the drab main building and in the outlying area that’s closer to the carpark joining other eateries like Veganburg and Good Morning Nanyang Cafe.

The new shop is much bigger than the old one and decorated in the beautiful pastels that brand ET Artisan Sweets. The old shop only had two tables but now there’s more than enough space for everyone! Because of that they are also serving ice cream, coffee (for now, only Long Black. If i’m not mistaken they are using liberty Oriole beans) as well as daily specials like sticky date pudding. Everything’s baked fresh on the premises in the kitchen at the back. 

There are three pairs of these dark purple cushion chairs in the Cafe. Please make a beeline for them as soon as you enter the cafe. Super comfy and they’re expensive too I hear 😉

It was meant to be a study-and-eat-dessert-at-the-same-time session but as they say, ice cream waits for no one. I couldn’t stop eating the Guinness Chocolate icecream ($4.50) anyway, it was so delicious. The malty, fermented notes of Guinness were prominant, cutting through the richness of the milk chocolate. Not heavy at all I assure you. Ice cream was not too airy, but it was ice cream properly so called since it wasn’t as dense as gelato.

Over the years ET has increased the price of her macarons (now $2.50 which is still very reasonable for its size) but hey with inflation this is quite inevitable. That said I must say the quality of her macarons seemed to have improved. I’m not sure if she changed her brand of ground almonds cuz it was very fragrant this time around. Either that or I haven’t been eating her macarons in awhile haha. So for those who don’t like the “protein taste” you’ll be happy with ET’s macs. Last I heard, they were using Michel Cluizel (I met his son Pierre Cluizel in his shop, Un Dimanche à Paris!) instead of Valrhona but I’m not sure about that now.

I think I’ve listed my fav macs before but anyway the usual orders are black forest, yuzu, green tea or Vanilla bean. 

Couldn’t resist a yuzu 😀 Love the citrus-y yuzu notes. Yuzu was all the rage for a period of time but it’s difficult to find them in desserts nowadays.

ET also does brilliant dessert tables for occasions, and fondant cakes. Everytime I go I’ll see at least 1 consultation going on. check out their fb page here!