Ramblings: The proof of the pudding is in the eating

(From now on when a post is labeled Ramblings it means the post has no direct relation to food)

So the other day the best friends and I (separated by distance but connected via whatsapp) were chatting and I inevitably started talking about my new part-time job. I complained just a little about how I really have to maximise my free-time right now and it’s getting a little stressful.

The replies, I quote in verbatim:

bff 1: “Welcome to my life?”

bff 2: “Lol n rach cos u never had a part time job xP”

No. Sympathy. At. All. Plus I assure u these were the only two sentences uttered about the matter. I love my friends hahaha. In response to complaints made in our Whatsapp group we usually say  “suck it up” (complete with the virtual eye-rolling) so I must say this was a rather polite way by our standards of throwing away the matter once and for all. At least they humored me with two sentences 😉

Then again, it’s true. I’ve always been very privileged and this is all the more compounded by the fact that I’m the only child. While I’m not a spendthrift in most areas (other than er, spending on pastries), I concede that I usually get the stuff I want.

I’m very glad that I got this job. For one, it’s stretching my productivity levels (better now than later). I’m also discovering that opening a cafe and running a viable business is not easy. From product development all the way down to the nitty gritty stuff like managing your staff- you need to be the driver, and the worker. This equates to a never-ending supply of energy and enthusiasm for your business. I’ve come to realise that “passion” is only one part of the entire process. A hunger to succeed is also extremely important.

Obviously I’m typing off my head so the above sentences don’t gel wonderfully but you get the gist.

For now, I’m happy to be just a cog in the entire machine. Being part insider, part outsider. I’m not disillusioned, but more of closer to experiencing the reality. And funnily enough, I’m starting to redevelop an interest in what I’m studying now 😉

My favourite pastry at the workplace. My goal every time I’m standing at the cashier is to extol its virtues and convince everyone to buy it hahaha.