Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie- their new look

Dad passed me a voucher which covered tea for two in Canelé. It was the eve of CNY so most outlets were closed after the early afternoon with the exception of Canelé @ Lido.

Brought the bff cuz I know she doesn’t really pamper herself at all. She works part-time, is part of a research project in school but yet she still manages to ace almost every other subject hehe.

This ‘voucher’ was really quite amazing. We were entitled to 2 soup/sandwich, 2 cakes, 2 drinks and 2 macarons. Being v v hungry, we were very easy to please. Never mind the 30 min wait (cny eve afterall), that the desserts came first and that our drinks came right at the very end.  Gobbled up the mains which were normal.

Salted caramel, Orange Chocolate

Macarons were okay, not very exciting but not terrible either. At least they did some sort of QC so I didn’t get ugly or horribly dried out ones like before.

La Peche was just weird. It’s eye-catching which was why we ordered it but even the friend who hardly eats cake questioned the inclusion of dried apricots into the peach filling- it basically overpowered all the delicate flavours of the cake.

I did like le citron or the lemon tart. The inclusion of gelatin made the lemon curd stiffer than usual but it’s a necessary trade-off for the aesthetically pleasing dome, blanketed with a shiny glaze. Flavours were good too. Tart but not to the extent that you will pucker and the inclusion of lime zest uplifts the flavours to another level. I’ll be trying out lemon tart recipes over the short holiday and I’ll definitely be adding lime zest to my curd!

Drinks were good enough to quench the thirst. Soda+ syrup.

Have you seen their new ‘look’?!  From glam to cute. I’m not used to it aha.