K ki- new cakes

I think I’ve tried almost everything in K ki without having to over-order during each visit. Very fond of this place so I made an effort to bring all my good friends there. If I bothered to bring you there before you are not just ‘any’ friend okay!

Kinda regret not ordering Kinabaru as usual but I was feeling quite stuffed from the cafe hop. Went with the newbies on the counter instead.

The Royal Milk Cheese Souffle was so wobbly that it shook uncontrollably when we had to shift the table. Delicate, moist with undertones of teh ping. The cheese was extremely light, almost non-existent (which I like). It’s more for bringing out the flavours I feel, something like how salt accentuates the flavours of things like cookies and brownies. Some might find it a little gelat cuz of it’s texture but I actually find it quite manageable.

As with the usual level of execution in k ki, Nao was too beautiful to pass up. Strawberry mousse with a soft pistachio cream centre. The strawberry was evident but I wasn’t fond of the pistachio bit which lacked the nuttiness. I would have preferred a variety of textures, maybe ground up roasted pistachio or something would be good. We did like the sugar spray coating though- i suspect more cuz it contributed to some variation in texture.

Kinabaru and Montblanc remain my favourites. But the cheese souffle series (they have other flavours like melon and ume) comes in a close third for me!