Tori King @ 100AM

One reason why I’m very glad to be home is being able to see all the familiar faces. Finally met up with the jc friend who has progressed so much during the past few months. I used help him with economics and gp while he would try very hard to explain physics and math to me. Chemistry was the only subject we were both good at (yes I was good at chemistry okay…. I took H3!! Why doesn’t anyone believe me x.x) haha.

For whatever reason we have a tradition of eating ramen whenever we meet up. So we decided to check off one more ramen joint that has been on my list for the longest time: Keisuke Tori King in the new 100AM mall at Amara Hotel.

Both of us agreed we much prefer this new joint to Keisuke Tonkotsu King. Well I guess comparisons would be futile to a certain extent since the ramen served are both different. Tori King serves up chicken ramen, featuring a thick chicken broth that is super umami and delicious with an equally outstanding piece of chicken that is finished off in the grill producing a layer of crispy golden skin. This guy next to me claimed that the chicken was smaller than expected and I gave him this what-are-u-talking-about look. Hello this piece of chicken is freakin’ huge! Tearing through the meat was easy even with chopsticks given how tender and fall-of-the-bone the meat was. We slurped our way through this ramen and I was really close to finishing every single drop.

The line of condiments and sides is one of the things that define any keisuke experience. Powdered bonito, sesame seeds, boiled eggs, marinated bean sprouts… I added them all!

Service was less rushed here (we were here for dinner, lunch might be different), and my cup was refilled constantly.

You know what, I should just say this is my favourite ramen joint by far- and the friend agrees. Now we only have one more to check out: keisuke @ parco marina bay.

On a separate note… I have some good news to share! Besides getting a real job, I also got a part-time job in a cafe 😉 It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I decided I really want to maximise my time this year even if the schedule seems a little tight. My first day was crazy because it was a saturday shift. Burnt a few pastries in the toaster (not entirely my fault okay the pan was placed too high), wiped windows the wrong way (okay this was quite hilarious), and almost broke cups when I was handling the dishwasher (keyword: almost). But working in the cafe has its perks. I love how fast everything moves. When I finally got into the rhythm of  things work seemed almost therapeutic. Oh yes, and who can forgot the delicious pastries I got to eat hehe. Hint: this place has recently been very popular on the blogosphere and I’ve never blogged about them before!

Have a good week everyone! CNY’s just round the corner 😀