Iron Chef America

A brief convo between Jeffrey L. Steingarten (one of my fav food writers) andย Joe Bastianich in a Bobby flay episode of Iron Chef America.

Joe: … the Portobello… in the world of endless options of mushrooms Portobello would be the last one I pick- not my fav.

Steingarten: I like the mushroom… (in a matter of fact voice) now why do u diss the mushroom?

Joe: Because Portobello mushrooms are so 1994 you know, they are kind of watery, diluted, they don’t have a lot of flavour or texture, and er we’ve come a long way since Portobello..

Steingarten: what do u use?

Joe: maybe morels would have been fabulous with this, the sauce is v punchy and rich, it has almost a gwak kinda feel on the palette etc etc

Steingarten (raises eyebrows, looks at Flay and continues eating): I think it’s just fine, even if it’s just 1994.

I love how he highlighted the most ludicrous reason haha.

And yes no bald (pun intended) assertions joe, please.