K ki: Fromage Melon and Mont Blanc

K ki’s probably one of the few places in Singapore that is actually pretty similar to a Pâtisserie in France. They are just missing…. MACARONS!

But till then, I’ll just have to be satisfied with their cakes which are all great in their own right. If you read regularly though, you’ll know I favour some over others.

Before I left the friend and I paid a visit. Fortunately for me, I finally got my hands on a mont blanc! I haven’t tasted anything better- Angelina’s (Paris) is a close shot, but not quite because they use a meringue base which I can’t understand why except that it cuts costs. The hardest bit to a mont blanc, I think, is the chestnut purée. I find the flavour of chestnuts to be easily drowned by sugar (I’m still looking for an acceptable marron glacé~) and for most places, I don’t get enough of that woody, nutty, starchy flavour. K ki’s chestnut purée makes it just right, not too sweet, and the flavour of the chestnuts is very apparent. The bits of sweetened japanese chestnut bits studded all around makes it even better!

The fromage melon was interesting but I’m not big on cheesecake, so I have nothing much to rave. In fact I would have preferred a heartier biscuit base but that’s just me, I prefer the base to the cream cheese bit of any cheesecake. It’s something you should try though if you like cheesecake. Note that it’s light, not the rich American kind.

Mont Blanc is now a favourite alongside with Kinabaru. Can’t wait to try out their latest creations. While I’m not usually attracted to cheesecakes, their new range of souffle cheesecakes sounds too good to pass up 😉