Dublin Snapshots #2: Things that I’ll never do at home~

I’ve less than 7 weeks left in Dublin. It’s so cliché to say this but time flies.

Things that I do here on a daily/weekly basis that I never, or hardly do back home:

1. Checking the weather every morning. Essential because this basically determines what I wear, and where I’ll go for the day.

View from my window on a bright, sunny day

View from my window on a rainy day. I was particularly depressed when I snapped this shot because it had been raining for two consecutive days without stopping (used to it now haha). The friends who study psychology diagnosed my problem as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. 

2. Eating loads of chocolate. It’s not secret that I LURVE chocolate, and I eat it all the time, anytime (fine I admit, I do this at home too haha). A couple of boxes that have visited my fridge include…

These are from Harrods, London. The sharp, boozy flavour lies in the chocolate ganache within. The shell could be thinner but it’s still better than Lir’s version (which you can get at Tesco in Dublin. Much cheaper too I suppose?).

Guinness Chocolate by Lir. A must buy when you visit the Guinness Storehouse! Thin dark chocolate shell encasing a light white chocolate ganache infused with the flavour of Guinness. Very well done considering it’s supposed to be a souvenir.

Valrhona, Alpaco which I got at a ridiculously cheap price from Lafayette in Paris. I like this more than the 70% Guanaja (: It’s just bitter, with hardly any acidity. I definitely got some deep, woody notes but floral not so. Wonderful tempering going on here (not that I should be expecting less!)- the surface had a lovely shine and the chocolate had a great snap to it.

3. Watching the seasons come and go

4. The occasional conversation with my apartment mates. Comparing how different our lives are, discussing about how we should keep the kitchen clean, moaning about the piles of work we still have undone.

5. Cooking and eating with my Singaporean friends (: Going gaga over the variety of sauces available in Tesco that remind us of home.

6. Hyperventilating over discoveries of any kind of asian food like…… STEAMED BANANA CAKE

7. Housework: vacuuming my room, cleaning the toilet and doing laundry

8. Going on my weekly runs in the park nearby. They involve numb fingers, random conversations with strangers and fighting the gale-force winds

9. Every weekend being an adventure: Barcelona, Paris, other parts of Ireland and of course Dublin herself.

Paris, near the Invalides

Dublin, the River Liffey at night

10. Shopping!! Sales in almost every shop along Grafton Street. Never buying full price items from warehouse ever ever again. Plus we get a student discount of 10% for topman, topshop and warehouse ❤