Barcelona 2012: Cervecería Catalana

Went for a weekend getaway recently to Barcelona and it was a lovely trip. The warmer temperatures were a welcome change though we seemed to have brought the erratic weather from Dublin with us! It poured on some days but all in all, we still managed to catch some of the sun 😉

Tapas bars were aplenty and we dined in quite a few. We went for the simple, affordable stuff. Nothing complex, just fuss-free food that keep the tastebuds and stomach happy.

I would consider Cervecería Catalana as one of the finer examples of a tapas bar in Barcelona. You get a loooong list of tapas to choose from but it’s nothing too complicated. If you are looking for something to tease the tastebuds I’m afraid you won’t find it here. The place is flooded with locals especially if you pop by after 9. I have absolutely no idea how we managed breeze through the queues!

Since most of the photos are self-explanatory, I’ll just highlight a couple of crowd pleasers. We had a few rounds of tapas, some repeats even. The most enjoyable were the cod skewers, tortilla (spanish potato omelette), anchovies-eggplant-red pepper sandwiches, shrimp skewers (didn’t have this but the friends loved it), croquettes (favourite!). All bite-sized but after a couple of rounds, we did feel pretty full.

For an “authentic” experience stand and have your tapas with a glass of wine. The crowd in front of the bar counter was spilling out onto the streets by the time we left!

Photos are rather uninspiring, and as such I didn’t bother editing (except for the codfish one), sorry 😉 Let’s just say it’s not wise to try and bring your dslr up a ryanair flight…