Paris 2012: Un Dimanche à Paris

Un Dimanche à Paris or a Sunday in Paris is a chocolatier and pâtisserie run by Pierre Cluizel. Does the name “Cluizel” ring a bell? Pierre Cluizel’s the son of Michel Cluizel, a famous chocolatier whose chocolate is exported all around the world.

The shop occupies a huge space along a quaint, narrow, cobblestone street called Cour du Commerce Saint André. To get here simply alight at Odéon, cross the main road from the station exit and walk straight. You’ll see the Un Dimanche à Paris signboard on your right. Pierre Cluizel clearly has ambition. His store runs a cooking  school and lounge on the 2nd floor, a restaurant on the first floor, a shop area where you can browse all things chocolate and gape at the beautiful macarons, pastries and bonbons on display, and an open-style kitchen.


We settled for simple stuff. Chocolate Chaud, coffee, macarons, and a pastry.

The chocolate chaud was thick, decadent, rich. Enough to share between 2 or even 3. The creaminess satiates you, the acidic notes intrigue the tastebuds. I would have liked it more bitter but that’s a personal preference for dark chocolate.

The pastry I chose is called tartelette pistache chocolat au lait, or simply a pistachio tart with milk chocolate. The main star is of course the chocolate. Second to it would be the hazelnut feuilletine sneakily incorporated into it. Not the most interesting choice from the pastry case but I was quite drawn to how beautiful this rectangle-shaped dessert was.

If I were to nitpick, there was a little bit of clingwrap still attached to my chocolate. A kitchen oversight that I didn’t think much of since it wasn’t readily visible to the naked eye.

If chocolate isn’t your thing, get their macarons. From left we have lemon ginger, strawberry rhubarb, tomato raspberry, and vanilla strawberry. Technically everything was done right. Each macaron, visually perfect- pretty feet, shells that match in terms of size, and I love the colored sugar (: Flavour-wise, my favourites were the lemon ginger for the spiciness which paired well with the tartness of the lemon, and the tomato raspberry simply because I could taste the tomato 😉 . I’m quite adventurous when it comes to macaron flavours so I was quite excited to see those uncommon flavour combinations (Pierre Herme’s “Jardin” range was epic. Clove, anise combinations anyone? I’m a fan!).

Before you leave, don’t forget to browse through the counters one more time for some goodies to bring home. We bought (and tasted) some of their multi-colored chocolate coated spices in test-tubes and jars for a friend we were meeting the next day. I highly recommend their clementines as well.

Pardon the horrid lighting. I took it by the bedside under a lamp so.. yea lighting was disgustingly yellow. But I wanted to show you how interesting this thing is. I would describe it as an orange globe, bursting (literally) of light citrus-sy, clementine “honey” in a thin coating of chocolate just to balance out the flavours. Just get it and try it for yourself.

Oh yes, don’t forget to get some caramels too. You can pick and choose at the cashier. My figue- flavoured caramel was delicious.

So for your next trip to Paris, don’t forget to visit Un Dimanche à Paris. If you are lucky, you might even see (and talk!!) to Pierre Cluizel himself! I did (:

I would suggest visiting the Notre Dame in the day, have lunch then walk over to Saint-Germain-des-Prés (my favourite part of Paris!) where Un Dimanche à Paris is in for tea.