New York 2012: MEGU

Once again, we were just in time for restaurant week in New York. 

I had a list of chi-chi places I wanted to try but alas, all fully booked. So upon our concierge’s recommendation, we headed down to MEGU which is located near the UN headquarters in Trump Tower. 

For the portions, the food in MEGU is very expensive. I gasped a little when I saw my ala carte order. It was rather… measly. But other than that, I have nothing but praise for this place. If you are willing to splurge, MEGU’s the perfect place for a dinner date! 

There was a sake pairing for the restaurant week menu. At an affordable price too (:

Crispy “Okaki” Asparagus. Table favourite!


Spicy baked Unagi with Avocado: to be fair, these were very delicious morsels. Would have ordered another plate if it didn’t cost 22USD!

MEGU Kobe Beef Slices “ishiyaki”: Enjoyed the theatrics of this one. I shan’t spoil it for you, just order it 😉 

Fried rice: just look at those pearly grains of rice~

Green Tea Crepe: another table favourite. The grassiness was present but not overwhelming (not that I mind, the stronger the better!)

Wasabi Cheesecake: Another one of those “new tastes” for me. My personal favourite because it came as a revelation: wasabi for dessert, ingenius! Had a huge slice of Junior’s cheesecake before this but that didn’t stop me from loving MEGU’s rendition. The wasabi came as a spicy aftertaste. A perfect contrast to the creamy cheesiness of the cake. 

MEGU is more suitable for those looking to tease their tastebuds. I think portions are small because it’s meant to be a dégustation. Going with their prix fixe menus would be considerate for the wallet, but personally I would go for one prix fixe and a couple of other items that are only available for ala carte. I like how the textures, tastes, and presentation of each and every dish are exciting and at times, dramatic. 

I must add that the service here is nothing short of excellent. From the patient explanations about the different kinds sake to the sincere welcoming at their doorstep, nothing was compromised despite it being restaurant week. Thumbs up for the cheerful service, and the wonderful restuarant menu that featured so many MEGU signatures. Truly exemplifying the spirit of restuarant week (: