Canele Patisserie

Popped by Canele @ Gardens by the Bay. Took a close-up to show you how hilariously mis-shapened this rose macaron was.

And then we found shells with huge air-pockets. But I guess this one is harder to spot without tasting the batch first. Oh, spot the pock-marked macaron below (sigh!).

Consistency and quality-control were seriously lacking. I think only the chocolate- feuilletine mac tasted fine. Crispy and over-baked shells/ old shells that were left too long in the open/ appalling presentation (have you seen the display at Raffles City??!!). I used to regard canele macarons quite highly but that was during the ‘Chef Pang era’. I see interesting looking macs like those teal-colored ones they had awhile back but if the basics of a good macaron can’t even be satisfied, I’ll be hard-pressed to buy more. Macarons are very expensive afterall! I would rather invest in macarons from Obolo/ET Artisan Sweets/ Jewels’ Artisan Chocolate (note these don’t survive take-away very well) which have almost zero consistency issues. Out of these three bakeries, I buy ET’s the most often more because it’s near my place and I’m quite fond of the bakery itself (:

To be fair even the best bakeries face consistency issues sometimes. I recently went to Pierre Herme in Paris (Rue Bonaparte) and gosh, the macarons were SO BAD that I’m starting to rethink which patisserie doles out my favourite macarons. Horrible, marshmallowy meringues that they call macaron shells. The shop was probably just ill-prepared for the hot weather because the flavours were still as delicious. More on them in another post!

Anyway, back to Canele:

My crepe that tasted as dry as it looked.

The friend found his burger dry but we agreed fries were okay.

Teething problems at their new outlet? Maybe. I visited them 2-3 weeks after their opening.

I do think their mousse cakes have improved. Loved the punchy flavours, and the smooth and super-creamy mousse. Can’t go into detail because honestly, these were eaten awhile ago and I didn’t have at least half of each. These were from their outlet at Raffles City.