Tiong Bahru Bakery

Seems like the world (or rather, the flogging community) has visited this bakery by Gontran Cherrier (you know what, I’ve never heard of him haha). They have a good marketing strategy I must say- from the cute mural that gives a low-down to all the various versions of coffee to the chinese translation of Tiong Bahru as the bakery’s logo.

Well, food I had was below average. Tough luck I guess.

Nothing too complicated on display… 

The forcaccia thing at the back was so tough. It was no use trying to slice through it. They should have offered to heat it up at least, bet that would have solved all the friend’s problems. My squid ink bun had a tasty pesto rub (garlicky, yum) but everything else was run-of-the-mill. Swap it with a hamburger bun and I won’t know the difference.

Curd was okay. the lime zest was something different, and added a more floral fragrance masking the potential egginess, clever. I joked with the friend that I could stone someone with this. The tart shell was impossible to knife through, as hard as a rock. fyi tart lovers, marmalade pantry at the stables and baker & cook serve really good (yet different) citron tarts. I have reviews from not too long ago somewhere in my archives (:

Didn’t try the famous chocolate croissant cuz it looked really flat, and sad behind the counter (yea I eat with my eyes). Don’t fancy Kouign amann either. Well they have both received rave reviews so you might hazard a try. But honestly? Visit ET Artisan sweets, K Ki, Flor patisserie, or Baker & Cook for guaranteed satisfaction and I’m sure you’ll find one on the list that you like/love (but please, please don’t go with sky high expectations. That’s just unrealistic).

I have yet to find a decent bakery here in Dublin. Recommendations anyone?


9 thoughts on “Tiong Bahru Bakery

  1. Oh my, u r still in Dublin Ireland? Read my blog for 3 recommended bakeries-Il Valentino, Cacao Atelier and try Fallon&Byrne…how’s weather there??

    • here on exchange (: I’ve been meaning to visit Il Valentino, will do so soon! It’s raining every other day and as the locals say, “summer never came!”. now I know I LOVE THE SUN. But Ireland’s been really kind to us so far- truly the emerald isle and the land of a thousand welcomes!

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