New York 2012: Burgers from Macs, and Shake Shack

1. Macs

Macs, all lighted up for Broadway

Was about to catch Spiderman Turn of the Dark (a show you watch more for the theatrics and at most the music, rather than the storyline. Some parts were quite draggy but overall, still entertaining!) so we grabbed a quick bite from Macs which was just opposite.

I wonder why we don’t have the Black Angus Burgers here? This was one good burger. Patty not too thin, juicy though a little underseasoned. But together with the mushroom swiss sauce, it was just right. Burger bun was soft, fluffy and fragrant because of the generous sprinkling of white sesame seeds. Perfect vehicle for soaking up all the meaty juices.

2. Shake Shack, visited the one in Brooklyn.

Was in Brooklyn for church service that morning. We attend the Sunday service in Brooklyn Tabernacle or Times Square church (this is in Manhattan) every time we are in New York. There’s also some shopping that can be done around that area- RadioShack (bought a Kindle. 99USD!), Macy’s and a huge GAP store. Round the corner is Shake Shack.

Shake Shack doles out one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten (though I must say I don’t eat many burgers haha. So cut me some slack). The Shakeburger is one good ol’ cheeseburger. No frills, no additives or fillers, just quality ingredients and good cooking technique. It’s a 100% angus patty with cheese melted on top, and fresh veg. Got into a bit of a sloppy mess because the patty (done medium) was so juicy.

We love their crinkle cut fries too. I prefer thick fries (preferred choice would be chips with skins on) because I like the subtle fragrance of the potato used so this went well with me. Non-greasy, and not heavily salted. The parents and I were impressed by how fragrant these were. Good with ketchup or…

Frozen Custard (aka ice cream). Does anyone eat fries like the way I do? Hehe. Got the sweet corn frozen custard. It had a grainy texture to it due to the corn methinks but I liked that texture. Very delicious, nothing artificial about it.

Unlike Macs everything is made to order. There is a wait no doubt but in exchange you get food that’s freshly made. It might not be fast food, but everything tastes better.

I was really tickled by news of the In-N-Out ‘experiment’ here. Singaporeans are true foodies indeed. Will work queue for food!