[Media Invite] Marmalade Pantry @ the Stables

Food was delicious, the atmosphere was laid-back (away from the city-life indeed!). To sum it all, I had a great time.

Tropicana ($9): guava, apple, orange, yogurt, milk, honey

We were seated indoors (the alfresco area was fully occupied!) but the windows were open, the breeze came in, so I thought a smoothie would be just the right drink to start off the meal. This is not a rich, creamy, indulgent kind of drink. Neither is it the super-healthy, vitamin-boost type. It’s in between. I liked the mix, very refreshing and the thin consistency made it easy to finish.

Pan seared Haloumi ($21)

I had haloumi at Pita Pan (MBS) before and it tasted a lot like tau kwa. But here the haloumi tasted less dry (it’s a semi-hard cheese) and it definitely had more depth of flavour than salty tau kwa haha.

Mexican Chicken Salad ($22)

I was half expecting a mountain of tacos, guacamole, and refried beans- like how Margarita’s does it- but this turned out to be a much healthier rendition. It’s served cold, very refreshing which is good if you’re dining out in the open. For the above two starters I suggest you share because portions are quite big.

Crabmeat Linguine ($22)

A MP favourite that usually makes it to the table when I go with the family. Consistency is an issue (for the ion outlet at least) but this plate was a good one.

Spaghetti Carbonara ($24)

Can’t say much about this because I don’t usually eat carbonara.

Crispy pork belly ($32)

Steak and Eggs ($38): Truffled pea mash, yum!

Braised 120 Days Grain Fed Beef Cheeks ($32)

Was pretty surprised by the quality of all the meat dishes. They were all more than decently done. I’m sure meat-lovers will be satisfied.


Granny Smith and Stem Ginger Pudding ($13)

Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding ($12)

For desserts I suggest skipping the ginger pud (ginger wasn’t strong enough for me, missed that spicy kick and the sauce didn’t tie it together for me) and going instead with the sticky date. The latter is famous for a reason. If you belong to the camp that believes that sticky date puddings should be dense and sticky, then you won’t like this one. Yes, the name is a misnomer because the sticky date pud that MP serves isn’t sticky at all. It’s moist, fluffy and fragrant so much so I prefer eating it without the ice cream (cream just overpowers all the subtle flavours for me).

Lemon Brulee Tart ($14)

But gosh the best dessert of the night was this lemon brulee tart. Buttery pastry shell that was not to thick or thin, acidic lemon-ey curd, thin caramelized sugar crust (caramelization was PERFECT). It’s quite big for one person so sharing would be for the best. I’m going back just for this.

A big thank you to Foodnews for the invite!


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