Hua Ting @ Orchard Hotel

I didn’t want to make my 21st a huge flashy affair. A quiet dinner with the family would have been sufficient but the parents insisted on separate celebrations with both sides of the family. On hindsight I’m glad they did because we all had such a great time… eating! Our first gathering was at Hua Ting in Orchard Hotel. Helmed by Masterchefs Chan Kwok and Lap Fai, we knew we were in good hands.

All the dishes were good, if not great. And trust me this was the general consensus around the table- young and old.

Appetizer: Octopus marinated in a tangy dressing

Roasted whole golden suckling pig

One of the most memorable dishes for the night. The skin was crackly, not too thick or thin.   That flat little mantou was so clever because the springiness provided texture but it didn’t fill us up so much. All the flavours came together real well. Everyone was going for seconds and thirds.

Sauteed Pacific clam (in front) and Coral Clam (behind) with seasonal greens (asparagus) in xo sauce

Braised superior birds’ nest with fresh crab roe

Decadent this was and it didn’t disappoint any expectations. The soft and delicate fluffs of birds’ nest were the perfect pairing to the rich umami sauce.

Braised whole abalone (5 heads) with fish maw and seasonal vegetables

Another sensational dish. Abalone was braised till fork tender, and bursting with flavour. The number of heads refer to the number of abalones that make up a kati (600gm). So the smaller the number the heavier (and bigger) the abalone.

Pan-fried fillet of Sea Perch in preserved bean paste and pineapple

Wok-fried minced pork (meat from the suckling pig we ate earlier) in lettuce cup

Braised mian xian with live local baby lobster, spring onion and ginger

This was another memorable one. Despite the full tummies we all wiped our plates clean. Mian Xian was a smart choice since it readily absorbed all the crustacean juices and braising liquid.


Double-boiled Harsma with lotus seed and red date

 This meal was nothing short of fabulous. We were intrigued by almost everything presented to us. I like how exciting the whole experience was. It really brought Cantonese cuisine to another level for me.

Thanks mum and dad for all the effort put in to organise this 😀