Il Lido

Bread basket was automatically refilled after we finished it. Kudos to that.

Amuse Bouche was a nice juxtaposition of hot and cold, savoury and sweet. Arancini di Riso (fried risotto ball) accompanied with cantaloupe soup.

Roasted scallops with red wine shallots and green pea puree

Everything on the plate was nailed down to a T. Scallops perfectly seared, green pea puree smooth and hearty, red wine shallots provided the acidity and balsamic reduction accentuated both the acidic and sweet flavours of the dish. Tasted as good as it looked!

The waiter showed us a full platter of beautiful Italian artichokes that we couldn’t say no to. It took quite awhile to steam it but the experience was really interesting! Had a bout of miscommunication with the waiter who tried his best to tell us how to eat the humongous artichoke which he placed in front of us.

“Peel of the petals and suck the bottom”

Dad and I tried but we didn’t really understand the point of it. So we happily peeled off everything and reached the heart. I remember watching a show on TV which said everything was inedible except the heart? We called the waiter over again and he quickly called the chef out to give us a better description. The chef looked quite aghast at our pile of artichoke petals. He picked it up and demonstrated how to “chew” the bottom bit of the petal.

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You see the outer petals are inedible. Tough and flavourless. But as you peel your way through the inner petals have some of the meat found in the heart of the artichoke. So essentially what we were supposed to chew on were bits of the heart that caught on these inner petals.

The experience was so hilarious that we couldn’t stop laughing for quite awhile. I must say chewing of the remaining petals didn’t really elicit that much flavour but the remaining heart which was dressed into a salad had a really unique flavour. Not my favourite vegetable but certainly worth trying if you haven’t.

Pan Roasted Snapper with Romanesco Broccolli and Fingerling Potatoes

The piece I tried was a little fishy but dad said the rest were very fresh. Dad enjoyed his dish a lot.

Tagliolini with Lobster and Moscato Rosé Wine

All the pastas served are freshly made. They were really generous with the portions. It doesn’t look much but it’s actually just presented in a really tight swirl. Mum didn’t like the sweet dimension to this and I think they used prawn stock because I could feel my allergy acting up. Dad however found it quite delicious and lapped up whatever mum couldn’t finish.

Black Tagliolini with Sea Urchins

I had one of those omg moments when I took my first bite. Pasta was al dente, the cream base was rich but since it barely coated the pasta so I didn’t find it cloying at all. The sea urchin was a little briny, buttery and sweet. Again, something new for me because I’ve never eaten such huge pieces of sea urchin before.

Some might find this dish a little sweet but I personally thought it was a really satisfying and interesting.

A tiny slice from a complimentary cake given to mum for her birthday. Chocolate hazelnut. A sweet ending to our memorable meal.

The meal totaled to about $300 (glass of wine, coffee and tea were not pictured) but we had a $100 voucher. There are so many other interesting things on the menu. Plus their homemade pastas are enticing me for a second visit. Till the next special occasion I guess!