Select Yong Tau Foo @ Chevron House basement

I’ve been living a really unhealthy lifestyle these days. Oil and msg are a given if I want to pay for a lunch that is under 5 bucks… In the future when work becomes permanent, I’ll start bringing my own lunch for sure.

But for now, I’ll just stick to what’s convenient.

Everything that can be fried will be fried. I would prefer them boiled of course since frying these ingredients don’t make much of a difference in my opinion. But the gravy smothering everything else was delicious. It was more savoury than sweet, and not too thick or runny. I asked for thin bee hoon because I find that it soaks up more of that addictive gravy but by default you’ll get the thicker ones.



2 thoughts on “Select Yong Tau Foo @ Chevron House basement

  1. You’re working around that area now? I’ve seen people ordering much more unhealthy fried stuff from here. Your selection is alot healthier.

  2. Interning. I suppose the fried items are more unhealthy but gosh the amount of oil that was dripping off the bell pepper… The friends and I were quite amused when they threw everything into the fryer!

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