Strangers’ Reunion

An unexpected visit from the friend now studying in London. Decided to catch up over a cuppa. My favourite cup of coffee is still instant G7 3 in 1 coffee. No kidding! But it’s so fun to check out all the new indie cafes everywhere don’t you think?

We sat on little seats more appropriate for kids sipping our drinks. My standard order of cappuccino.  It was probably not whipped up by Ryan Tan (I probably won’t taste the diff anyway) but still, good stuff.

An order of waffles with greek yogurt and fruit for something to munch on. I never liked greek yogurt on its own but I liked this plate. Acidity from the greek yogurt, musky sweetness from the honey and fruit, buttery waffle. Kudos to the friend who ordered this because given the choice I would have gone with ice cream. Now I’m a convert 😉

The place gets crowded on weekends but scoring a seat is not impossible with a short wait.