Ga-Hock Seafood

Reservations are highly recommended. Even if you get a seat chances are there’ll be a long wait for your food- not that anyone minded because anticipation is part of the fun here!

As their name suggests this zi char stall, nestled in some back alley (794 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Hup Choon Eating House. Note legit parking is further down at the back), is famous for their seafood.

The reason for our visit: crabs. These black pepper crabs stirred up my childhood memories of buying pepper crabs from a coffeeshop stall near our old place. The thick black gravy coated the crabs so evenly and had that awesome peppery kick on the palate. Wiped them out in a matter of seconds (also partly because we were starving after that 45 min wait and this came first!).

I’m the lazy bum of the family who doesn’t like to work for my food 😛 So pincers for me. The parents scoff at it anyway saying it’s not the tastiest part of a crab.

The flesh separated effortlessly from the shells. Obviously, the sri lankan crabs used were very fresh.

Another must-order would be their oyster omelette. Soft fluffy omelette drenched in a runny sweet sauce that was mildly spicey. They were really generous with the serving of oysters on top. Slightly different from oyster omelette taiwan-style but still as delicious! Pity about the msg tho, I could really feel it at this point in time.

meh, lousy tofu dish.

More protein to complete the meal. Didn’t find the fish too outstanding but the parents liked the clean taste of the ‘soup’ it was poached it.

By this time my throat was feeling really parched from all the MSG. I know it’s a bit too much to ask a zi char stall to leave it out altogether but toning it down would be a great idea. The parents were perfectly fine though. They say it’s just me haha.




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