Nana’s green tea cafe

Nana’s green tea cafe was the first shop that caught my attention in Jcube believe it or not. Coincidentally the friend bought a 50% groupon voucher so we decided to go for some dessert.

Matcha and Mochi Parfait $11.80

Shaved ice with Matcha $8

Between the two we liked the parfait much more. The shaved ice was too gritty for comfort- a far cry from annie’s peanut ice kachang for example. There wasn’t enough syrup to go around either so the ice (being water…) got a bit tasteless towards the end. But we loved the viscous red bean sauce. Certainly one of the less sweet variations around. Delicious stuff.

The parfait had many more components so naturally it was more interesting to eat. The scoop of red bean was delicious of course. But other than that everything else was good but not great. At 50% it’s worth it for sure but not so if it’s at full price IMO.

Almost forgot. I remember one thing that the friend and I left behind uneaten (which is rare given we try to finish everything we order). The mochi balls. Bouncy, chewy things those tasteless flour balls were. Didn’t like them one bit.