[Media Invite]: Novotel, the Square

A few weeks back I received an invitation to try out the Square’s revamped buffet spread.

It’s an international menu and I was pretty impressed by the quality. Admittedly, some parts of the buffet seemed more like an afterthought but for the most part, the food was delicious.

I recommend their cheese risotto if you are a risotto fan. I’m not one (don’t like the starchiness of the rice grains) but I did enjoy the rich creaminess from the parmigiano-reggiano the risotto was tossed in.  I’m recently quite obsessed with seeing this technique of tossing stuff in a ginormous cheese wheel. Check out Iron Chef Mario Batali setting a Parmesan cheese wheel on fire to make Parmesan cheese sauce (from 4:48). Brilliant!

Roast beef resting at the carving station, DIY laksa, and cold seafood. The selection of cold seafood was limited, and didn’t look very fresh so I skipped that. But the salad section next to it was quite comprehensive.

Loved the cold mushroom salad lots. Whole white button mushrooms ❤

Respectable selection of roasts I must say. Had the roast duck and it was not bad. The satay was surprisingly good. They barbecue them on the spot.

Not pictured are their small selection of dim sum, zi char dishes, and Indian curries. the curries especially are done competently. Get some bread from the bread section and use the curries as dips!

Some pictures of my plate:

Now for desserts!

The ice kachang machine stood at the corner looking quite forlorn.

Took me awhile to understand how it worked. Maybe it’s just me (ahaha) but an instruction sheet would be useful.

Ice crystals were too big for my liking, and there wasn’t any red bean available!! That’s a key ingredient gosh! Yam ice cream was nice and smooth- outsourced, but oh well most places do that anyway.

Nothing too spectacular but enough to satiate the dessert craving.

The most memorable dish for me actually, was an ala carte order (not available for the buffet).

Chef Jean-Philippe Couturier, passionately describing this poached cod fillet ($34++). The broth which the cod is poached in is a mix of spicy coconut both (aka laksa base) and prawn bisque. I think this was the best embodiment of their philosophy of “flavours of the world with an Asian touch”. The crunchy toasted baguette were perfect vehicles for soaking up that delicious, umami broth. The crustacean flavour paired really well with the spicy and milky notes. You know what, they should just serve it as a soup! While the cod was good- fatty and flakey- I would have loved to have more of that broth.

There is currently a father’s day special for the whole month of june and the the BIG deal promotion for dinner where they feature 3-4 BIG dishes every night. Check out their website for more details.

Lunch: $38++, Dinner: $48++ (Sun-Thurs), Dinner (BBQ nite, Fri-Sat): $58++

Thanks John for the invite!