Hong Kong 2012: 海都海鮮酒家 Victoria City Restaurant

My most memorable and decadent meal for the year so far would be at Victoria City Restaurant in Crowne Plaza, Causeway Bay. We chose to dine here out of convenience actually. Stayed in Crowne Plaza (a very comfortable hotel btw) and the distant relatives came to visit. Being a tad tired, we decided to dine in this restaurant not really knowing what to expect.

Prices here are much steeper than usual thus explaining the formal surroundings and service. We didn’t make reservations so a short wait was inevitable. Better than being turned away!

Probably the longest silver bait I’ve ever eaten. Crunchy, salty, non-greasy- these were the perfect nibbles for quelling the hunger pangs.

Roast duck, not the best ever attempted but certainly one of the better ones. Ultra-crispy skin and juicy meat.

Now this was good, and one of their signatures too. Chicken roasted with salt or something to that extent. That skin was so delightfully crisp (with  hint of saltiness making it so moreish) and the meat was bursting with flavour! I liked how every part of the chicken was roasted to the perfect doneness. No overcooked pieces on the plate- even the breast meat was delicious. The green relish you see was tasty but really salty. Use sparingly.

Best bamboo clams I’ve ever had. Crunchy, sweet meat and the tang hoon soaked up all the sweet juices. I’m a garlic fan so the generous topping of chopped garlic really hit the spot for me. Slurp-worthy dish!

A mandatory order for every dinner we have in a chinese restaurant- steamed fish. Pity I didn’t get a photo of the whole fish but it’s not very nice to keep the guests waiting.

The pièce de résistance and also the most expensive dish for that meal would be this. Ginormous flower crabs bathed in an umami concoction of yolks, chicken oil and shaoxing wine. Look at how small the other plates look in comparison! Trust me this was a head turner.

Actually I’m not sure if these are even flower crabs because I’ve never seen or heard of flower crabs that are the size of Alaskan crabs. But the patterns on the shell and the thin pincers do resemble flower crabs right?

There was a lot of meat inside each leg/pincer and the meat itself was really easy to get to. There were no flying pincers and injuries caused during the process of eating thankfully. Not all of the shaoxing wine was burnt off so there was a bit of heat from the alcohol at the end- very good though if you drink the sauce alone you might find it excessive. The flavours of the sauce were quite remarkable I must say. It wasn’t rich largely due to the wine that cut through the heaviness, and the aroma was pretty amazing.

There will definitely be leftover sauce but don’t throw that away! The service staff suggested da-baoing it and frying it with noodles for lunch the next day. This is usually done with ee-fu noodles at the restaurant itself but we were too stuffed for more carbs.

Not pictured were two veggie dishes, one of them being lettuce leaves stir-fried in shrimp paste and served sizzling in a clay pot. This smelt so good that the other table decided to order it too!

We also had desserts which were not bad, but nothing you can’t find whilst roaming the streets of causeway bay.

This meal was truly memorable, albeit being extremely expensive imo mainly because of the seafood ordered (crabs especially!). That said the dishes had lots of technique involved and the flavours departed from the more traditional ones that we were more familiar with. A very exciting meal indeed and highly recommended for that once-in-a-lifetime experience!