All day Breakfast – Late Plate

I remember feeling terribly jaded that day from all the studying. Before heading to utown for more hardcore mugging, the friends and I decided to drop by Late Plate for a power-brunch.

Theย corned beef hash ($15) is a hearty bowl of baked eggs, melty gruyere, potato mash and corned beef right at the bottom. The crunchy sourdough toasties worked well as edible scoops for the mishmash of ingredients in the bowl. While it tasted great, I could have done with more gruyere and less mashed potato. It does get heavy given the richness of flavours, but it’s perfect for sharing.

My favourite for the day were the steak fries ($8). I don’t usually like fries but these thick-cut fries really hit home with their crunchy exterior and fluffy, non-starchy insides. Best of all, the skins were on!

Another dish that I’ll definitely recommend is their eggs benedict ($18). In the place of english muffins were light and fluffy savoury scones. Great for mopping up the rich hollandaise. Poached eggs were done perfectly- with molten yolks-, and rested on smoked salmon and sauteed spinach.

Desserts were extremely forgettable. Don’t bother unless you are dearly in need of sugar!

I find brunch nowadays ridiculously overpriced (*ahem* wild honey *ahem*) but rest assured at late plate, prices are more affordable. They don’t scrimp on the ingredients either, which is great.

Location: levvel 1, NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni house