Carrot Cake: Forty Hands, Baker & Cook

I love english- style cakes for their towering portions. Baker & Cook’s carrot cake is probably the smallest carrot cake I have ever had but it does pack a punch of flavours. The cake base itself was studded with a myriad of ingredients, with the noticeable addition of pineapple sweetening it up. However what stood out most for me, were the aromas from the spices used. I’m guessing the magic combi of ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon was used, but whatever the case I loved it.

Look at that thick layer of frosting! It was delicious though, and just enough for the amount of cake I had since they had no middle layer of frosting. While it was bordering on being  saccharine sweet, the consistency was amazing- silky and thick.

I had this carrot cake awhile back from Forty Hands. While I appreciated the generous amount of shredded carrot in the cake itself, I didn’t like the frosting at all. It was flavoured with orange juice, overpowering the flavours of the cake itself.

For now I still prefer Cedele’s carrot cake. Their cream cheese frosting is quite hard to beat!


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