Step out of the lift at the second floor and enter into the world of Kilo– an alfresco space with a clean, minimalist design. The place stayed airy throughout, which was surprising given the balmy weather we get most of the time.

This building houses a number of other things, one of them being Loysel’s Toy Cafe which many of you would be more familiar with.

We shared a starter of seared scallops in a light creamy mushroom sauce and juicy mushrooms. Got them to add more scallops so that we could have at least 1 scallop each.

They were seared beautifully, crusted on the edges and still tender to bite.

You can call this comfort food. Squid ink rice with prawns, squid and a single egg yolk. Bibimbap reinvented? Even better I’d say. What I really liked were the al dente rice grains. Defined, and not mushed up.

The Nori-wrapped salmon was alright but they could have cooked it less well done. Friends loved the wasabi mash which I thought was a refreshing spin to the too creamy and starchy classic. The deep-fried chicken skin was too salty for me. By now you would have noticed the same vine-ripened tomatoes and mushrooms. A little of an overkill but I suppose if you are not sharing plates it would make sense.

I really liked the balsamic-wine sauce (they call it white wine sauce but I think they mixed both balsamic vinegar and white wine- if I don’t remember wrongly. This dinner was eons ago before my exams!) they used because it’s tangy and sweet. But by now I confess I was a little tired of it because where there were mushrooms, there would be that wine sauce. Partially my own fault I guess, for not realising that 3 out of the four dishes we ordered had that sauce lol.

In any case, the lamb rack was again grilled perfectly. Had a decent char on the outside, and tender juicy meat within. Probably the most memorable dish of the night for me. I can’t do without carbs and the crostinis were a great filler. Super crunchy thanks to all the butter it was toasted with.

Despite eating desserts in two other cafes before this, we still had dessert haha. Nothing too exciting, just a simple molten chocolate cake done well.

Main courses are priced between $19-$30. Very decent for the quality of food served. Definitely worth a visit. By the way parking outside is free at night. And before you go you might want to stroll along the Kallang river for some beautiful scenery.

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