Tiong Bahru authentic hainanese curry rice

Update: thanks for the tip ice! Looks like I got the name wrong. This place is called Cheng Delicacies. Check out their website here 😀

Recently the tastebuds have been hankering for unpretentious food with bold flavors and great textures. The cravings were unexpectedly met at a coffee shop near forty hands that the parents frequent with their friends quite a bit.

Now the thing you must order here is their pork chops. Crisp, non-greasy batter with meat that was tender but still with a bite to it. Dunk it in some of that curry dip and you’re good to go.

Surprisingly their kai lan stir-fried with garlic sauce made me go back for seconds, thirds, fourths…..

The thick sauce had tons of semi-raw garlic bits which I was a huge fan of. The long stems of the kai lan had most of their tough fibrous outer layer shaved off, leaving behind tender stems that were easy to eat.

The deep-fried tofu with minced meat was nicely done, but nothing too spectacular. I suggest skipping the fish slice with bitter  gourd stir-fry- it was at best a decent zi char dish.

I saw people ordering individual portions so fret not if you’re going alone. As I said above, their pork chops are a must try!

7 thoughts on “Tiong Bahru authentic hainanese curry rice

  1. I believe this is Cheng Delicacies. Their homemade yam & pumpkin are must-tries. They don’t sell their kuehs by the slice and you must order the whole ones in advance.

    • haha im not sure! I only took down the name of the signboard at the side which said tiong bahru authentic hainanese curry rice but that might very well just be the name of their famous dish.

      Thanks for the tip (:

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