Grin Affair

Nestled in Everton Park is a newly opened cafe called Grin Affair

Everton Park itself is an old hdb estate. The ceilings are pretty low, and the hdb blocks circle a small hawker centre. It’s a stark contrast from the Pinnacle which stands just opposite it.

Now who would think we would find a cafe here?

The interior of the cafe is really small. The seating capacity is about the same or slightly less than flor. Not an ideal place for parties bigger than 5-6! But I would definitely classify this as a “destination” cafe. The concept is enough to intrigue 😉

We grinned like cheshire cats when our adorable little jars of desserts arrived. Mind you, this is stop number two of our cafe-hop but we were still seeking that sugar high!

These chilled bottled creations- it’s basically a verrine concept- come bundled up with a cupcake wrapper, and twine. Good for take-away or gifts.

The honey lavender comprised of layers of moist sponge, fresh blueberries, and honey buttercream scented with lavender. The light floral aftertaste was so soothing- there’s nothing overwhelming about the scent at all.

Hazelnut was richer in flavours. The hazelnut crunch/croquant was an excellent textural contrast to soft layers of coffee and chocolate sponge, and hazelnut mousse with grated hazelnut folded in.

Drinks are also available for the hot and weary. Check out the painstakingly hand-drawn menu!

The Grin Affair is certainly off the beaten track but this is the sort of place you’ll want to go when you need a short break from the hustle and bustle in life.


4 thoughts on “Grin Affair

  1. The unfortunate reality is that, I’m not sure how long estates like Everton Park will continue to exist considering the pace of development in Singapore. *sigh*.

    Having said that, this place, definitely looks good!

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