Flor Patisserie

Back at one of my top two places for cake in Singapore. The other is just a stone’s throw away 😉

Had their green tea & yuzu flavoured cheese tart. I couldn’t make out the yuzu because I had it frozen. How can anyone refuse a frozen treat in this humid weather? The green tea however, was strong enough to please all of us. The bitterness cut through the butteriness of the crumbly tart, very delish.

My all-time fav would be the vert. The bitter green tea gelee hits the spot, always.

Mont blanc is a bit of a misnomer because it’s missing a tart base. In its place is a swiss roll made of flor’s feathery soft sponge and light cream. The chestnut puree was far too light. I love the nutty flavour of chestnuts but I was missing this unfortunately.

The strawberry napoleon  is much raved about for good reason. Beneath the crown of crisp puff pastry is a layer of freshly sliced strawberries buried in cream, a thick layer of vanilla sponge, and more puff pastry (I kind of remember it having custard as well, but I’m not sure if I confused this with the other cakes that day. we went cafe-hopping so we had quite a lot of sweet stuff haha).

Flor does 3 things brilliantly: puff pastry, cream, and sponge. So if you are only planning to get one cake, get the strawberry napoleon. Then takeaway a cheese tart for breakfast the next day 😉


8 thoughts on “Flor Patisserie

    • Hmm that’s a really tough call because they both serve different kinds of cake. I like heartier cakes with more sponge than mousse so technically I favour flor. But kki has such a great variety of mousse entremets that aren’t cloying at all so I find myself visiting them more often! Plus my favourite cake of all in sg is k ki’s kinabaru 😀

  1. “Back at one of my top two places for cake in Singapore. The other is just a stone’s throw away”

    Can I have the addresses of Flor Patisserie and the other place mentioned ?


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