Cupcake Craze Part 1: Plain Vanilla and Cupcake Engineer

Cupcakes are the symbol of New York just like how macarons are the symbol of Paris to me. I never quite liked them because the concept is a simple (and ridiculously unhealthy) one- cake with a disproportionate amount of buttercream on top.

However my interest was first stoked by shows like Cupcake wars, and DC Cupcakes. Then of course the friends in London started showing me pictures of Hummingbird Bakery and Lola’s cupcakes . (If all goes well, I should be able to taste some of these in August *crosses fingers*)

Well the cupcake craze has certainly hit our shores, with the opening of so many new bakeries specializing in what I would call artisanal cupcakes.

I really like the combination of flavours behind each cupcake by PV. Bought some for kids at church and you should have seen their reaction when I opened the box. Caused quite a stir haha.

I realise there are only two flavours kids really like: chocolate and/or strawberry. I admit, I was secretly happy because this meant I could have the brown sugar cinnamon all for myself.

The cake base was moist, incredibly soft, but still dense with a very fine crumb. Usually cinnamon plays a supporting role but here the fragrance of the spice comes unadulterated, accentuated only by the musky sweetness of brown sugar. A combination like that is risky because Singaporeans aren’t really fans of anything too sweet. But I think the secret lies in the brown sugar, which results in none of that saccharine sweetness but a very pleasant and aromatic aftertaste. Anyway judging by the rate these get snapped up, I reckon people like that as much as I do.

White chocolate strawberry is another signature of the shop. I only had a nibble unfortunately. The fluffy sponge, something like a victorian sponge, is cored in the middle and filled with a tangy strawberry jam. I’ll be back just to try this again!

The kids really adored the milk chocolate hazelnut.

In other words, I didn’t get to try it.

Cupcake Engineer packages each individual cupcake in a box making it much easier to carry around.

This is a simple banana cake with peanut butter frosting.

The banana cake had a really fine crumb which I liked. However I found it too greasy. Other than that the peanut butter frosting was good, and the dollop of crunchy peanut butter was a nice touch.

I know one cupcake of a different flavour is hardly enough as comparison but for now, I’m still liking PV’s cupcakes more.

happy weekend everyone!