Macarons from Obolo

I was very fortunate to receive a box of obolo macarons from the friend (thank you, you know who you are!). If you have been following this blog, you would have figured by now that I stay in the west. The east is foreign territory to me haha.

Having eaten macarons from Pierre Herme, Laduree and ET Artisan Sweets just the day before, you would think that Obolo has big shoes to fill in terms of expectations. But surprisingly PH didn’t satisfy at all. I’m not sure if it was just the flavour that I didn’t like but his creme brulee macaron was incredibly ordinary. Same goes for his infiniment cassis.

Anyway back to Obolo, these macarons may be smaller than what ET has to offer (about the size of jewels’ macs) but they are really good. Overall the chocolate flavours really impressed, while the buttercreams were bordering towards whipped cream consistency- not a fan.

The favourite would be their earl grey and milk chocolate. What I loved were the smokey accents of the earl grey that really perfumed the smooth chocolate ganache. The latter is also worthy of mention for being not too sweet or cloying.

Three other flavours that I really enjoyed were the salted caramel chocolate, milk chocolate macadamia (above), and matcha. Matcha was a brilliant creation of green tea paste not butter cream, leaving the grassiness of the green tea unadulterated.

But the main reason why I like Obolo is their technique. From the cross sections you would notice that the macaron has an ultra-thin, crisp shell, a moistened second layer followed by pretty little feet. Aesthetics aside, these are strong indications that the macaronage was executed perfectly and the aging done just right. However, I must qualify that the buttercream macarons did seem a little drier than those with the chocolate ganache though both were still acceptable in my opinion.

For those who are afraid of macarons being too sweet, mum did say it wasn’t as sweet as ET’s.

Have a great week everyone!

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