Baker & Cook

With so many new bakeries popping around the island, Baker & Cook stands out for it’s casual, country atmosphere. A reasonably large communal table sits in the middle of the small space, facing two perpendicular glass counters filled with pastries and loaves. There’s a constant chatter in the place, with occasional laughter punctuating the conversations.

The Rhubarb Frangipane tart ($4.95) proved to be too ‘safe’ a choice for me. That said the wafer-thin tart shell was very crisp and buttery, and the frangipane soft and fragrant from the almonds used. Aside from that the flavours were rather boring, largely owing to the fact that only 4 tiny chunks of rhubarb were given.

I couldn’t resist a Berry danish (almost $4), which looked really tantalizing in the pastry basket under the spot light. The crisp puff pastry was glazed and formed the structure for a well to hold moist eggy custard studded with mixed berries. I’m a sucker for the chewy, buttery layers in puff pastry, more so when it’s heated (you can get them to heat it up for you). The custard wasn’t dried up despite being baked. The small mouthful of custard right at the centre was especially gratifying.

There are so many things I want to try here. Sandwiches go for almost $9, brunch $16+ and cakes $4+.

I’ll be back for sure 😀

Address: 77 Hillcrest Road, 288951 Singapore.


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