Maison Kayser

Visited Maison Kayser about a week or two after they opened.

Their eclair looked really enticing in the display, but alas they threw mine in a bag so it never survived the trip home. But it doesn’t matter, I took a bite moments after I bought it  and didn’t really find it spectacular. For one, the proportions were all wrong – an overwhelming amount of sweet milk chocolate pastry cream doesn’t go down well when there isn’t enough choux pastry.

As you can see, all the pastries, buttery or not, were dumped into the same bag. Even delifrance separates them -.- They were rather pedestrian to me with the exception of maybe the buns (fig, yuzu) but they were a little oily because of the croissants sitting on top. But with all due fairness, they were consumed the next day (they don’t keep very well. Notably, the croissants lost their crisp exteriors, assuming they did have one) and not on the spot so I’ll save my comments on them for another time – though I doubt i’ll waste my money on them again :\