Mochi in Taipei: IJYSHENG 一之軒

Mochi, or rather 麻糬, seems to be a Taiwanese staple when it comes to snacks. People tell me even the manufactured ones taste good but trust me, I have tasted really bad, artificial tasting/ hard ones before in Taipei- you have been warned. Besides if I really wanted mochi, I’ll just go Takashimaya for some individually-packed handmade ones.

The friend’s mum insisted that he got her some mochi from 一之軒. I was kind of curious about why she insisted he get 5 boxes of their handmade mochi which could only last for 3 days. How good can it get, right?

I totally understand now. really. It’s probably the best mochi I’ve tasted in my life enough said.

All their handmade mochis are great, but their black sesame mochi is truly phenomenal. It’s a little messy to eat, but worth every moment of unglam-ness. The mochi skin is brilliant- thin, soft, very Q but tender to bite. Underneath that is possibly the largest ball of black sesame paste I’ve ever consumed in my entire life.

There you go. A picture of the mess I was making in the car whilst pumping petrol. Just look at the proportions! The filling is hardly sweetened and has the rough texture of millions of ground up black sesame seeds. The strong nutty flavours made it so addictive and easy to eat despite its ridiculously large size. By large, I mean this:

Bigger than my lens cap. This photo proves what I mean!

And as if the abundant filling wasn’t enough as a ‘feel good’ factor, wait till you hear the price. It’s 100twd for 7, which works out to about 14twd each. 1 SGD= 22twd (at that time what I changed). You do the math.

These babies need to be hand-carried if you are planning to bring them home. They come in boxes of 7 suitable for gifting- but really keep the good stuff for yourself haha. The salespeople will tell you they can only last for 3 days, and no matter what you do never refrigerate them because the skins will harden. Chill them before consumption if you must, or better yet just eat them fresh out of the chilled cabinets in the bakery.

Other flavours I recommend are peanut, and green tea red bean- but nothing beats black sesame. For red bean purists, you might not be as impressed because I found their red bean nice, but a little below the standards of really good Japanese red bean. Still good though.

Directions there: they have many branches but the one we went was I think, the main branch. Use the m6 exit at Taipei main station, you’ll see a sign and lots of baked goods a few steps away! Click here for their website.