Pine Garden’s Cakes

These are the words I would describe Pine Garden’s cakes: old-school, not too sweet, very value-for-money

Clockwise from left: Apple martini, Pulut Hitam, Lychee martini, Bailey’s Chocolate Crunch, Coconut

It’s difficult to find good neighborhood bakeries that sell good pastries. Over-whipped, stiff cream (or worse cream out of a can), lousy chocolate, canned blueberries…. all right lets just say I didn’t have very good memories of those stuff. But Pine Garden’s cakes really changed my impression of everything. I don’t fancy the buttercream they use (well I don’t like buttercream anyway) but they keep it to the minimum so I’m fine with that. Cool ingredients like baileys, martini and more traditional ones like coconut and pulut hitam. Ultra-soft sponge that is so moist and slightly eggy. It’s cheap, each slice going for about $2.50-$3 if I’m not wrong.

Hey, I’m liking this a lot!

If I had to rank everything I tried, the coconut cake would be first on my list. Cold slices of young coconut flesh for that toothsome edge, sandwiched between three cotton-soft even layers of vanilla sponge. The contrast in textures is fantastic. The thin-layer of buttercream smothered by dessicated coconut helps to further emphasize the milky sweetness of coconut. What a masterpiece.

Second on my list would be Pulut Hitam. The real deal acts as a glaze for the top of the cake, and in between is pulut hitam flavoured cream and thick layers of incredibly soft sponge studded with more pulut hitam for aesthetic appeal. We all know how great pulut hitam tastes when mixed with coconut cream so this cake is a clever re-interpretation of the original dessert.

Bailey’s Chocolate Crunch was also another hot item amongst the friends. I presume it’s because of the crunchy chocolate pearls, and the strong alcoholic hit that makes the cake pretty complex in terms of flavours and textures.

Didn’t really fancy lychee martini mainly because the taste of whipped cream is particularly evident in this one. That said the martini flavour is evident and there’s nothing to fault about the soft sponge. This cake is perfect for those who like light and refreshing flavours.

We were all pretty neutral about the apple martini- it was the last one left to finish even though we unwrapped pulut hitam last! I did like the crunchy pieces of green apples folded into the buttercream but every other cake just outshone this one.

Everyone agreed that the cakes are in general very suited for the Singaporean palette. They are not too sweet, there isn’t an overload of cream, there is an adequate amount of sponge and the flavours are interesting- a little bit of a fusion, inspired by desserts familiar to the young or old. For that kind of price, these cakes are a steal, and a must-try!

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