Drips Bakery Cafe

Frangipane is a baked mixture of ground almonds, sugar, butter (lots of it), and eggs usually used as a filling. Some recipes call for part of the sugar to be replaced with honey to give it a musky fragrance- I prefer this method for the depth of flavour. It isn’t exactly the healthiest thing around but it’s so more-ish that I always finish it, so long as its served chilled.

I thought the frangipane filling for the cherry brandy tart by Drips was pretty good. While I couldn’t really taste the ground almonds because of the strong alcoholic and acidic flavours from the brandied cherries, the soft but still toothsome texture of the frangipane was definitely there. Thankfully they didn’t scrimp on the brandied cherries at all- they lined the brandied cherry topping neatly on top and finished off with a shiny glaze- rightly so because I remember paying quite a lot for this, about $6-8 bucks. Tarts are ridiculously easy to make so if you do have time at home, just make it yourself!

But if you don’t have the time, a cherry brandy tart from drips is a fantastic alternative. I recommend having it chilled, as a midnight snack (like me). It made studying that night a little more tolerable 😉