Ryan’s Washoku @ Changi Village Hotel

They offer sashimi lunch sets every day that go from $40-$50++. Very affordable considering the thick cuts of sashimi they give and all the accompanying stuff!

Complimentary appetizer of chilled green tea tofu with a dab of mayonnaise

I love chilled tofu. It’s one of the things I always insist on having (not that the parents disagree anyway, they love it too) when we visit any izakayas in japan. Here we have a bit of a western touch which I could have done without. But still a very tasty and refreshing start for the meal.

Some bottled juice imported from Australia. A very refreshing drink with enough acidity and sweetness to whet the appetite.

Look at the thick cuts of salmon! Beautiful marbling too. Had a bad craving for unagi and this really hit the spot. It was a huge slab, very fatty and gosh was the skin well caramelized by the teriyaki sauce. The rice wasn’t the best. We were debating whether it was japanese calrose rice because while the rice was sticky and sweet, the grains were slightly longer than the usual fat short-grained rice we see. Nonetheless it was still quite moreish when eaten with copious amounts of teriyaki sauce. The rice itself could have done with less water though, a little too soggy for comfort.

Dad got the tempura sashimi set. No complaints there.

Pumpkin ice-cream was really good. Such a pretty yellow hue attests to the amount of pumpkin puree that must have been blended into this. The natural sweetness of the pumpkin really came through, leaving a pleasant aftertaste on the palate. However it’s probably imported, because the ice-cream wasn’t as smooth as we would have liked it to be.

I won’t recommend you to travel all the way to Changi Village just for this, but if you are in the vicinity why not?

Address: Changi Village Hotel