Starbucks pastries

I usually go for their muffins or their bagels but recently tried a few of their pastries and found them pretty decent.

Thought their salted caramel chocolate panna cotta was a good balance of textures and flavours. Ours wasn’t heated up, so the salted caramel wasn’t in its gooey molten form. Nonetheless it was delicious, eaten with the small fudge-like cubes of chocolate. The panna cotta filling was soft and smooth, and since it was served chilled I thought it tasted pretty good. The cacao in the tart crust was evident, and tied all the flavours and textures of the pastry together. Like!

One-for-one NY cheesecake today! Thought this was at best average, though it still qualifies as comfort food. Graham crust was far too soggy therefore missing the satisfying crunch that I associate with american cheesecakes. The filling itself was soft, smooth and cheesy, though I thought it could tone down on the sugar. In essence, I think the former is miles better than this.