Pavé Chocolates

I’ve been eating cakes everyday for the past week ever since exams ended. There are simply too many new places to check out!

Today I visited Pavé Chocolates at East Coast. It’s quite out of the way for me, but I enjoyed myself so much that a return visit is already on the cards.

Having been spoiled by ET Artisan’s Gryphon tea selection and Starbucks Jasmine Orange,  I had high hopes for Pave’s Yuzu Tea. It was good, but not great. A light green tea with a citrusy aftertaste. For $6 I won’t say it’s very value-for-money, especially since it’s non-refillable.

My iphone camera does zero justice to this pretty little cake. For Alice ($8.50) is a layered entremet of 50% chocolate mousse, vanilla bean-speckled creme brulee cream and chocolate sponge. The coating is a delicious home-made raspberry jam sauce with just the right amount of tartness to add some bright notes to the rich flavours. The chocolate mousse and vanilla cream were whipped just to the right consistency, perfect in my books. Oh and those chocolate decorations you see there? They don’t use leftover chocolate- it’s good, quality dark chocolate that snaps beautifully when you prod it with your fork.

Such a good balance of flavours. I like how I don’t have to worry that there’s not enough raspberry to go into each bite.

Chocolate truffle ($7.90) is only for chocolate lovers. Chocolate mousse dusted with cacao to satisfy those who like things bitter, a minimal amount of chocolate sponge and vanilla bean cream in the middle. The Chocolate coated feuilletine on top was a tad soggy, but still tasty nonetheless.

Service was excellent. The shop itself was suffering from some leakages because of the rain so it was closed at first, but one of the co-owners opened it for us because we really wanted to try their cakes. I thought it was a new establishment but it has actually been around for almost 1.5 years. That same co-owner took some time to share about their dream for Pave, and how they are taking things slow and steady. I could sense that they must have gone through a lot of difficulties in running the business.

A very strong vision, and a very passionate team behind all the creations. It was pretty inspiring, and I must confess that her enthusiasm and friendliness did affect this review!

Address: 93 East Coast Road Singapore 428792