K ki, and some of their newer additions

The friends had never been to k ki before so I knew I had to bring them there. The owners were not around this time. Though the people manning the place were pretty friendly, I was somewhat disappointed by the blotched LRRH that we got.

But first and foremost, lets start off with their great work.

Kinabaru never fails to impress. If you are wondering what to pick for your first visit to k ki, this is highly recommended- especially if you like the combination of coconut, and passionfruit. Even if you don’t like coconut, there is a 70% chance that you’ll like this. This time around the mousse was a tad overwhipped for me. Either that or it was a little too fresh when I got it because I didn’t get the silky texture that I was looking for. But the chocolate dacquoise below was perfect as compared to the other occasions when I had Kinabaru. It was soft and slightly moist, but in no way mushy.

Emily was also a surprise. I had it before when it looked like kinabaru. Since they looked so alike, it was quite inevitable that I compared both and of course, I came to the conclusion that kinabaru was better. But form aside, Emily really tastes better now. The champagne in the mousse is so apparent that even the tangy wild strawberry gelee did not mask the bright notes of the alcohol. Now, it’s impossible to compare it with kinabaru because they are so different!

Onigiri‘s now my new favourite, along with Kinabaru. It’s a triangular milk chocolate and basil mousse with a crater filled with bitter orange preserves and half a sphere of orange gelee below. The basil was a bit of a novelty- somehow desserts in Singapore don’t feature herbs very much- and the bitterness of the orange rind balanced the milky sweetness of the mousse. All of us enjoyed this very much.

LRRH was down with chicken-pox. Look at the bubbly glaçage! I know some will disagree but for me, when I eat cakes especially, appearance is as important as taste. I always believed that the pastry chef here is quite a perfectionist so when we received this I was quite surprised. Taste-wise it was fine of course, but overall the experience was somewhat marred by the chicken-pox glaze.

That aside, k ki is a great place for mousse cakes. Prices range from $8-$9. Portions are petite but you can see lots of effort invested into each and every one of them- yes, I think my LRRH was an anomaly. Worth the visit? Definitely.


6 thoughts on “K ki, and some of their newer additions

  1. Hi, I’m from Indonesia, once visit K ki and took me a long walk from China Town MRT.
    That day was so hot, so I’m kinda tired and when I’m arrived K ki is closed.
    Kinda disappointed. Is there any way so I don’t have to walk that long road?

    • A long walk is quite inevitable. If I go by public transport I like to alight at tanjong pagar mrt station, take one of the exits that would bring me close to amoy food centre, and walk up a passageway next to the temple there that would bring me to ann siang hill. It’s quite complicated though, and it involves a bit of an uphill climb so I suppose if you are not familiar with the place Chinatown’s still the best option!

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