Yoshimaru Ramen

Grinding the white sesame seeds to bring out its roasted flavour. Pretty therapeutic too. Don’t go too hard on them though, you don’t want to lose them all in the grooves!

Typical Hakata Ramen– Rich Tonkotsu broth, and thin-strand noodles with enough bite to them. I got the garlic version which didn’t seem to be very much different from the original, except that the soup base was slightly saltier. I recommend the original, its good enough and $2 cheaper.

I felt that the best parts are the kikurage, hanjuku egg (perfectly done. Viscous egg yolk, almost paste consistency), and the noodles. The saltiness of the soup is also toned down unlike the usual “authentic” japanese ramens, totally up my alley.

One thing though, the fats of the charshu were a little gelatinous, instead of melt-in-the-mouth. No matter anyway, I usually shun away from fats that I can see (who am I kidding ahahaa). But really, I don’t like gelatinous stuff like this and white chicken skin!

20% off for students during lunch, and they have a few side dishes on offer every day. I think my bowl cost $13.

Very affordable, quick lunch that was satisfying too. Now this is what I call good ramen.




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